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Baby Tristan

Brittani and I chatted at starbucks many times just discussing pregnancy and being a new mommy. Finally december came and she had a beautiful baby boy named Tristan. With a new house under wraps, I was amazed at how much she adapted to mommyhood even while her house was getting new floors and paint. I seriously have no idea how she does it. Taking care of a newborn is hard work! She is so blessed to have such loving people in her life letting her get some well deserved rest (and showers). 🙂 Tristan was snug as a bug when I got there, little did he know we were stripping him down and ...

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Little Kell

Baby Brayden is finally here! It seems like I was JUST photographing Sara's belly and all of the sudden Brayden is here and now 11 days old! So tiny! He started to LOVE the camera and the camera certainly loved him, too! We thought he'd be sleeping most of the shoot, but to our surprise he was awake and looking at the camera most of the time haha. His mom and dad showered him with love the whole time- kissing those brand new cheeks and cuddling him inbetween takes. If this doesn't give you baby fever then I don't know what will! 🙂 Sara's grandpa passed away during her pregnancy so she ...

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Sweet Cousins 1st Christmas

It's so crazy how fast babies grow. When you spend every day looking at that little cutie, you often forget how much they've grown since birth. Holding Meredith's tiny baby boy London (born on Halloween) was such a sweet moment reminiscing when my Kinsley was that little 6 months ago. Brooklyn and London are cousins. Brooklyn was born just one month later than Kins. I have had playdates with her mom, Alyssa, and was excited when her sister, Meredith wanted to bring London over for some photos! I'm slightly jealous these sisters have babies so close in age. I KNOW they are just having the ...

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