{DIY} Native American Headdress | Boho Chic

{DIY} Native American Headdress | Boho Chic

May 16 20131 Comment
Gather materials (glue gun, scissors, felt, stiff paper/cardboard (not pictured), feathers of choice, ribbon or trim and elastic (also not pictured but found by the bows/headbands at hobby lobby)
I bought everything from Hobby Lobby or Michaels (don't forget your 40% off one item coupon!)
Cut out a half moon shape from the felt and cardboard (as big as you want the front of the headdress. I glued the felt on top of the cardboard.
Then I glued rows of feathers starting the with top blush ones, then softer blush ones, and finished the black and white polka dot ones on the bottom row.

Then I glued on some trim I found in the ribbon section at hobby lobby.
Then I sewed the elastic onto the trim and felt for added security, but you could probably tie a knot instead.

Happy DIY-ing!

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