{You + Me} Ashley & Brandon | Get Hitched Part 2

{You + Me} Ashley & Brandon | Get Hitched Part 2

Jul 01 2013Comments Off on {You + Me} Ashley & Brandon | Get Hitched Part 2

You may remember Ashley and Brandon's rustic DIY inspired wedding from part one, and their reception was full of the same! They had fresh lemonade, retro polaroid cameras for their guest book, farmers market flowers, vintage chairs, rustic wooden accents, and lots of vintage charm! They had a relaxing fire pit complete with s'mores station and cozy seating. I loved all of the personal touches this reception had! The outdoor tent was perfect for hosting seating and dancing while the Beaver Dam Historic House made a perfect set up for buffet style dinner and delicious cupcakes from Plaza Midwood's Fu Man Chu. Their salted caramel with bacon cupcake was a delicious salty sweet treat! They ended their day with a run through custom sparklers.

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