{You + Me} Lisa + Matt Get Hitched | Wedding

{You + Me} Lisa + Matt Get Hitched | Wedding

Sep 26 20148 Comments

Lisa wrote me a while ago saying that she couldn't wait for a "special moment to pop up" so that I could capture it… well, THIS was THAT moment. The moment was when she would say "I do" to the love of her life. The bride got ready at The Renaissance Hotel near SouthPark with her makeup done by Jeannine Sills and hair by the groom's sister, Jessica.

Lisa was accompanied by family and friends as she put THE dress (from Dar-Lynn's Bridal) on over at Alexander Homestead, where the rest of the crew was setting up. She had a rustic, vintage set up with lots of DIY projects. She gushed about how sweet her then-fiance, Matt, worked so hard to help her with all the crafting and helping her dream become a reality. She was particularly happy about the suitcase he painted.

The stage was set and the reception barn was beautifully prepped. The venue referred vendors such as BBQ from Midwood Smokehouse and cupcakes piled high from Nona's sweets (which were both phenom!). They ditched the DJ and brought in a live band called Flashback the Party Band that rocked. The rain held off and they opened up the wall of the barn and made it indoor/outdoor reception area. I have shot there before, but I have never seen that open… which was super cool. The couple was sent off with sparklers and rode away in her dad's vintage red convertible chevy. They sent the guests home with hand stamped bags of fresh starbucks coffee beans.

Hope y'all get to re-live this special time looking through the photos to come! Congrats again!!

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