Baby Beckett

Jan 28 2012Comments Off on Baby Beckett
Baby Beckett is here! Don't you just love that name!? Born about 8lbs to a gorgeous couple, Gina and Tommy. He is now 4 weeks old. He did not want to miss a thing! It's okay with me if baby is awake and we can capture some of those baby blue eyes!
I met Gina through my dad a couple of years ago, right when I got out of college. I went up to Visit Charlotte and talked with her about the creative business world in Charlotte. She was not only beautiful, but successful and so nice! I was so excited that after baby Beckett was born, she thought of me to come do his first photoshoot! Here's the sneak peek 🙂

They have an adorable nursery too!

Congrats on that sweet bundle of joy! If he is anything like his parents, he will be beautiful, successful, and genuine!