{Crown Of Beauty} Maternity

{Crown Of Beauty} Maternity

Oct 26 20151 Comment

Featuring Suzy, Charleigh, and her bump at 38 weeks. Are they not the most gorgeous duo?!

Isaiah 61:3 "Bestow on the a crown of beauty instead of ashes." As moms, we can attest to being tired, being overwhelmed, being stressed or not feeling our best sometimes. We have all been there at one time or another. We compare our feeds to everyone else's who seem to make the perfect star shaped sandwich cutouts, make the best homemade meals, dress like a fashion blogger with a mini to match, and the moms that run every single day. My pastor says we are comparing ourselves to everyone else's highlight reel. We can't be all of those things… give yourself some grace. You were called to me a mom and you are the only one who can do it best.

I'm introducing these new sessions for mamas (expecting, with a newborn, or with young children). They will all be designed like this one. Light and airy cream dresses or onesie, professional hair and makeup, indoors, on a cozy bed, served with milk/ coffee and cookies, and floral crowns for mommy and daughter(s). Though it is not limited to moms with girls.

Take some time out for yourself. Get your hair and makeup done. Feel amazing. Throw away those ashes of the everyday life out the window for a bit, and put on the crown of beauty. Let me document the beauty of you as a mom. This stage of life is hard, you deserve it!

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*If you are interested in this type of session.. please email me and receive a special gift if booked by the end of the year!