{Life Unscripted} In Home with the Wagoners

{Life Unscripted} In Home with the Wagoners

Oct 08 2015Comments Off on {Life Unscripted} In Home with the Wagoners

Last week I had a one-on-one mentorship with some of my favorite sassy sisters… Lauren & Christen. They are the artists behind Sassyfras Studios. I have been obsessed with their work since day one. It made me love them even more when I saw their business being used for the Lord. They pastor's wives and mamas, too. I love that they can be successful at their "job," but keep their family first. They encouraged me in handing my business to the Lord and gave me some great tips and tricks to inspire me in the creative realm. I'm so excited for some new things coming for BPosh. It's so great (even if some of it hurts) to be poured into by people you look up to.  Thanks Chrissy for helping me shoot with light in this series and thank you Lauren, Haven, Adelveis, and Birdie for being such great models 🙂 Love y'all!

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*Stay tuned for more floral crown loveliness coming soon! Eek!