{Maternity} The Hursts | 34 weeks

{Maternity} The Hursts | 34 weeks

Aug 18 201511 Comments

You have seen the Hursts grace my blog multiple times and each feature is celebrating something else in their lives. The Lord has blessed them with another baby that is coming in 6 weeks (give or take). I absolutely adore her Free People dress and how it falls just perfectly over her 34 week bump. And her hair and makeup looks so gorg! They wanted some special photos of just mommy and daddy and it was fun venturing all over UNCC's botanical garden. They are the sweetest couple and they are such great parents. Baby Ezra, you are one blessed little boy and we can't wait to meet you!

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MUAH- Taylor Lefler | Dress- Free People | Location - UNCC Botanical Gardens

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