{Meet Adalyn | Newborn} In home Session

{Meet Adalyn | Newborn} In home Session

Dec 01 201513 Comments

Sweet little Adalyn is baby girl number #2 for the Boling family. They welcomed me into their gorgeous home to celebrate this little one through photographs. Jennifer is friends with another one of my clients (who happens to live just a few houses down) and both joined me during the session. It was like chatting with good friends and taking lovely pictures… (expect for all of the silliness going on BEHIND the camera to make big sis, Ella, smile) haha. That would probably make for some hilarious photos, but I'll spare those. Instead, here is one GORGEOUS family loving on each other. Some of my favorite shots are of daddy and Ella playing. I love that both girls will look back at these photos and know "my parents loved us." You can take iPhone pics all day long OF your kiddos, but YOU being IN the photos are going to weigh on their hearts so much more. Congrats Jade, Jen, and Ella on sweet baby Ady!

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