{Meet Elijah | Newborn}

{Meet Elijah | Newborn}

Jan 22 20166 Comments

This family is just TOO adorable. They just welcomed their 2nd child, Elijah, into the family on 1/14/16. You might remember seeing Krista's crown of beauty maternity session a couple weeks ago on my blog. I met them in their home 6 days after he was born, and got to capture this new family of 4. I'm seriously obsessed with these images. Her style is amazing, their house was so bright and airy, and they are both such great parents. It was adorable watching mommy do her duties and daddy taking over play time and meal time with Kaylyn. I was telling Krista, that it is hard as a mama to watch your oldest have to detach from you a bit, but that is really when daddy gets to feel like he can finally step into his role. I think moms innately have those instincts on what their child needs or wants, and often are quick to fulfill those. Daddies are waiting for the chance to be needed and for babies that are nursing, or are the only child, this can be quite some time. It's such a bittersweet time, but one that will make your heart so full it overflows. Loving your children, loving your husband, loving you God that provided these blessingsā€¦ it all makes my job so fulfilling. Congrats Rucker Family!!

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