{Munchkins} Adalyn | 6 Months

{Munchkins} Adalyn | 6 Months

May 20 2016Comments Off on {Munchkins} Adalyn | 6 Months

Miss Adalyn is 6 months old and full of sweet smiles and snuggles. Her big sis, Ella, loved to tickle her baby sister and poke her with sticks. As a mom of littles, you may find yourself saying things you never thought you'd have to say... but in each day there are little glimmers of knowing that one day, they'll be the best of friends. One day they'll argue, pinch, and pull hair, but one day they'll spend hours playing barbies or acting out being a mama. It's a tough job, but you guys are doing a great job! These sweet littles gave me some raw emotion, some tenderness mixed with sweet joy. The days are long, but the years are short. You guys are awesome!

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