{Munchkins} Beckett | 18 months

{Munchkins} Beckett | 18 months

Aug 14 2013Comments Off on {Munchkins} Beckett | 18 months

This adorable face is no stranger to my lens-- I have been capturing photos since he was born! Then his adorable 6 month sesh, and last year's family holiday session. We decided to head back over to our family barn land, where the holiday session was captured, to take some recent photos of the handsome boy! I could NOT believe how much he had changed! He definitely still was a charmer with those big blue eyes and side-swept hair. This session was on HIS terms of course-- that's how it goes past 6 months (give or take a little 😉 Him and his mommy ALWAYS capture the camera and I loved getting to see them!

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