{Munchkins} Chase | 6 Months

{Munchkins} Chase | 6 Months

Jun 11 20161 Comment

Chase is now 6 months and he is all smiles! It is so cute watching these two siblings interact. They are still so little that it is really like having two babes. Sweet Eva sneaking in special time and snuggles while trying to avoid falling on her little brother. And sweet Chase holding onto anything he can grab, which just so happens to be Eva's hair sometimes. These times can be crazy and wild, but oh so sweet. I love that Lauren and Matt can look at each other and know they are in it together. There's a bond there, no one will know what it is like to truly parent these two kiddos, but them. Happy 1/2 year chase! Can't wait to see what these next 6 months will bring! I'm so thankful to feel part of your family! 🙂

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