{Munchkins} Eva | 6months

{Munchkins} Eva | 6months

Jan 09 201520 Comments

It was Miss Eva's half birthday and we decided to have their session at their beautiful home near Fort Mill. It was chilly and rainy so it was perfect for an indoor session. The gave miss Eva her first sink bath complete with bubbles… and bubble blowing. She was SUCH a doll baby. I love watching her personality come alive. A baby snuggled in a towel all fresh and clean gets me every time! Their dog, Teddy, made it in some photos too! He is not going to know what to think once she can start moving. We shot some in her adorable pink and green nursery since we didn't get to take a lot in there at her newborn session and check out their awesome outdoor fireplace that Matt lit for a couple of cozy shots. I love this family and I love watching Eva grow!
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