{Munchkins} Eva Luna | 7 months

{Munchkins} Eva Luna | 7 months

Apr 14 2015Comments Off on {Munchkins} Eva Luna | 7 months

When Daniella messaged me about getting some photos done of her family and mentioned some words like "whimsical,"  "glam,"  and "floral crowns" my heart started to flutter. I pulled out my gold sequin fabric and DIY-ed some mommy/baby crowns with farmers market flowers to bring to our session. They were so sweet and I could just squeeze baby Eva. Per usual, I couldn't narrow down anymore than this.. so without further ado meet the Gallos.

IMG_6776lg_WEB IMG_6773lg_WEB IMG_6779_WEB IMG_6805_WEB IMG_6797lg_WEB IMG_6816lg_WEB IMG_6865lg_WEB IMG_6905lg_WEB IMG_6880lg_WEB IMG_6894lg_WEB IMG_6920lg_WEB IMG_6938lg_WEB IMG_6951lg_WEB IMG_6944lg_WEB IMG_6985lg_WEB IMG_6969lg_WEB IMG_6996lg_WEB IMG_6992lg_WEB IMG_6973lg_WEB IMG_6998lg_WEB IMG_7016lg_WEB IMG_7023lg_WEB IMG_7062lg_WEB IMG_7074lg_WEB IMG_7091lg_WEB IMG_7120lg_WEB IMG_7101lg_WEB IMG_7113lg_WEB IMG_7161lg_WEB IMG_7166lg_WEB IMG_7183lg_WEB IMG_7235lg_WEB IMG_7210lg_WEB IMG_7241lg_WEB IMG_7245lg_WEB IMG_7248lg_WEB

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