{Munchkins} Ezra | 6 months

{Munchkins} Ezra | 6 months

Nov 29 20144 Comments

Ali not only has a signature style but she has an adorable baby boy named Ezra that has style, too. He is all smiles… especially at his momma. It was a chilly day but these two were ready for pics. Ali works as a hair stylist and attended a work-shop where she got to be the hair model for one of her faves, Rebecca Taylor just before the shoot. She did a fantastic job and Ali pulls it off so well. I would totally go rose-gold if I thought I could pull it off ha! She had Ezra dressed in his adorable suspenders. They even brought along some old family photographs to add some sentiment to some Christmas presents 🙂 We had a fun time and they both photograph so beautifully it was easy to get these great pictures! Enjoy!

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