{Munchkins} Gabrielle | Expecting Darby Lynn

{Munchkins} Gabrielle | Expecting Darby Lynn

Jun 30 201418 Comments

Get ready for some gorgeousness! Gabrielle is expecting her second daughter. Her husband, Seth, contacted me around mother's day to gift his wife with a maternity session. They have an almost 3 yr old, Jemma, and it put me right back to thinking about when I was pregnant with our second daughter, too. Nobody can prepare you for all the adjustments and changes that come with having two.. but one thing I learned is to really find special time with each child. It is so hard when baby needs like feeding and changing diapers come before painting fingernails and tea parties with your toddler that used to have ALL of your attention. I'm glad I got to document these 2 with their first born and this gorgeous second-time momma! Also, aren't those the sweetest names-- Darby Lynn and Jemma?! SO CUTE!IMG_1071lg_WEB IMG_1074lg_WEB IMG_1064lg_WEB IMG_1089lg_WEB IMG_1047lg_WEB IMG_1113lg_WEB IMG_1126lg_WEB IMG_1124lg_WEB IMG_1118lg_WEB IMG_1136lg_WEB IMG_1098lg_WEB IMG_1110lg_WEB IMG_1145lg_WEB IMG_1147lg_WEB IMG_1159lg_WEB IMG_1178lg_WEB IMG_1168lg_WEB IMG_1172_WEB IMG_1082lg_WEB IMG_1166_WEB IMG_1191lg_WEBIMG_1185lg_WEBIMG_1195lg_WEBIMG_1203lg_WEB IMG_1208lg_WEB
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