{Munchkins} Logan | Newborn

{Munchkins} Logan | Newborn

Aug 30 20136 Comments

Sweet Logan was born just a few days late and was almost 2 weeks already before his first photo session! He was wide awake but totally content being photographed (the bottle helped too haha). His parents were so in love with their new little bundle of joy and it overflowed. Poor mama Ashley had broken her foot weeks before she gave birth and my heart went out to her during this time of trying to care for a brand new baby. Talk about a super woman! Her husband was so tender hearted toward his little man and was definitely a big help in his new daddy role. I know that this baby is super lucky to have parents like them!

The nursery was decorated in green and brown with letter press artwork, wolverine comic book pages and etsy purchases hanging on the wall. Bedding and mobile were animal print theme but she didn't want to over-do the whole safari theme. There were some knit animals (like the monkey pictured) that were super adorable. They also had a alphabet blanket  that was made for Joel (daddy) made by his grandma and they added baby Logan's name to it.

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