{Munchkins} Meet Avery | Newborn

{Munchkins} Meet Avery | Newborn

Sep 17 201421 Comments

Sorry I'm not sorry about posting too many pics from this session.. ha! I loved so many and you'll soon see why! Betsy and Brad welcomed miss Avery Elizabeth into the world on September 4th, 2014. She was still so tiny and still wide awake once we started. The weather was warm so I had them join me outside for some family shots… then after a little cuddle and feeding she was out! I love when that happens.. you can do so much with them and they sleep through the whole thing. She was a doll! With her nursery decked out in navy and coral, I couldn't help but notice the CUTEST book ever that she received as a gift from her students. A mom somehow got pics of all these kids in Betsy's class and had quotes by each of them giving her some baby advice. Isn't that a genius gift?! Some of the other goodies you see in these shots are mentioned at the end! Congrats Betsy and Brad!

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