{Munchkins} Meet Duke | Newborn Session in Charlotte, NC

{Munchkins} Meet Duke | Newborn Session in Charlotte, NC

May 09 201514 Comments

In honor of mother's day tomorrow, I wanted to get this newborn session posted for this momma of 2. This family is so precious to me and their story is unbelievable. I did their first photo session during my valentines minis I offered last year, and they were announcing their baby girl on the way. It was a sweet session and my heart broke for them when I heard that baby Audrey went to be with Jesus. I can't even imagine. I was ecstatic when I found out that not long after, they were pregnant again! I do believe that with every loss comes a blessing. Baby Duke was born on April 16, 2015. I know his big brother already adores him and probably can't wait to play cars and trucks together.

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