{Munchkins} Parks | 6 months

{Munchkins} Parks | 6 months

Nov 25 2014Comments Off on {Munchkins} Parks | 6 months

Parker, Amy and baby Parks met me up at Colonel Francis Beatty park for some gorgeous family photos and to document Parks being (a little over) 1/2 a year! Overcast days are great at this park.. we got to shoot wherever without combating the sun. It was a little chilly, but that made for less people out- which was like having the whole place to ourselves! Check out the colorful leaves, too! I shot Park's newborn photos and it is so cool to watch him grow! Thanks for letting me be a part of Park's first year!IMG_8797lg_WEB IMG_8822lg_WEB IMG_8815lg_WEB IMG_8803lg_WEB IMG_8831lg_WEB IMG_8828lg_WEB IMG_8850lg_WEB IMG_8861lg_WEB IMG_8868lg_WEB IMG_8916lg_WEB IMG_8923lg_WEB IMG_8896lg_WEB IMG_8982lg_WEB IMG_9011lg_WEB IMG_8876bw_WEB IMG_9022bw_WEB IMG_9152bw_WEB IMG_9154bw_WEB IMG_9125bw_WEB IMG_9105lg_WEB IMG_9133lg_WEB IMG_9039lg_WEB IMG_9086lg_WEB IMG_9054lg_WEB

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