{Munchkins} Meet Jacob Hudson | Newborn

{Munchkins} Meet Jacob Hudson | Newborn

Dec 19 201419 Comments

Jacob "Hudson" Pressley entered the world on Nov. 27th aka THANKSGIVING day at 9 lbs, 6oz. I know his parents were DEFINITELY giving thanks for this sweet bundle of joy! Their house was warm and cozy all ready for Christmas. It was drizzling outside, which made being inside extra cozy and nice. I had to wait for the turkey to cross the road before I got to their driveway ha!  Their neighbors had a whole bunch of donkeys and other animals, too! I know he is going to have so much fun growing up on this land! I hope I can take my girls back by there on a nice day to see all of these animals! Check out this adorable couple and their brand new baby boy! Those mama and baby shots and dada and baby shots are so sweet! Congrats Amy and Jake!

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