{My Life} Annual Beach Trip 2014

{My Life} Annual Beach Trip 2014

Aug 07 2014Comments Off on {My Life} Annual Beach Trip 2014

Location: Surfside Beach, SC
Maclaren- 8 Months, Kinsley- 3 Years

Here are just some pics from our annual "week+" beach trip… the week we put our house on the market, the week we got an offer, and the week we had a SOLD sign in our yard back in Matthews. We had our house decluttered and cleaned before we left and once the house was officially listed on MLS, we got overly giddy at every email saying we were having a showing.

This is the beach we started calling each other girlfriend/boyfriend… this is the beach we got engaged at… this is the beach that our girls first ate sand. It was crazy, happy, peaceful, and lovely all at the same time. I love my little fam!

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I'll be posting more of our adventure during the in-between times of selling our home so stay tuned!

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