{My Life} Maclaren’s One | Cake Smash + First Party

{My Life} Maclaren’s One | Cake Smash + First Party

Nov 18 2014Comments Off on {My Life} Maclaren’s One | Cake Smash + First Party

Maclaren's First birthday was a success! I wish we could have parties all the time! I loved having all her little friends over (and mine too!) to hang out, have fun, and eat a ton of sugar! 🙂 Here are some pics from her cake smash session-- from which I decided that I will never bake a cake again if I expect it to be pretty… and some from her sparkle party. It is a MUST to take pics when you put effort into something, but even more so to look back on when they turn... oh-i don't -know, 3? ...and they don't remember their OWN first birthday party. We had to take out the photo albums and show Kinsley pics from her party and her own cake and her own presents to remind her that she DOES have a birthday too haha. She was definitely a big helper when it came to eating cake and opening gifts. Thank you everyone for coming, and for those who didn't, I hope you feel like you were here 🙂 Details are below!



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