{Newborn} Meet Cora Jane | 5 Days Old

{Newborn} Meet Cora Jane | 5 Days Old

Aug 12 201536 Comments

Baby Cora was welcomed into this world by Kyle and Nicole. She was just a little thing! Her room may look familiar from some shots we did during Nicole's maternity session. It is pink and white with gold and wood accents. I loved their built in book case and obviously had to get a photo of miss Cora in it. Her mommy is a teacher, and I just happened to find this amish desk in their home that was a perfect prop for her session. The book shot is adorable too. I had a little bit of fun playing with some composite shots on this one, so DISCLAIMER, do not actually leave a baby on a bookcase OR lay them in an upright position on some books 😉 She was just as perfect as she could be! Congrats Nicole and Kyle! I'm praying for many blessings upon your family!

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