{Newborn} Meet Layton | 7 Days Old

{Newborn} Meet Layton | 7 Days Old

Aug 07 201516 Comments

Baby Layton is so precious. His nursery is gray and blue, with multi color accents. I especially love this magnetic train that forms his name. His daddy is a word worker and actually built the book shelf in his room. Danielle mentioned he worked with tools and I was picturing a hammer and maybe a drill, but I was stunned at some of the coolest looking wood tools that were just perfect for surrounding him. I love the light walls in their house and all the natural light made an ideal indoor shoot. I loved a stack of their blankets, too. This mustard one and the patterned one under it were so photo-worthy. This family is gorgeous and I can't wait to share these photos with you. Congrats Danielle and Todd!

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