{Newborn} Meet Lila Mae | Huntersville, NC

{Newborn} Meet Lila Mae | Huntersville, NC

Jul 16 2015Comments Off on {Newborn} Meet Lila Mae | Huntersville, NC

I first met Christina in high school and she had the best hair! She was always so bubbly and easy to get along with. Years later, she is just the same! I was so excited to photograph miss Lila Mae after Christina described her style and sent me photos of the nursery. I love when clients have great style and trust me to put it all together. It makes the session just feel like good friends talking and there just happens to be a camera. She slept almost the whole time (which was a first for the new parents). All you need is a belly full of milk, a swaddle, some "shhhing" and rocking, and a heater. Ha! If only is were always that simple, right?! The nursery was mixed with grays, whites, and coral and wood and leather accents. She even chalk-painted the dresser herself (along with some other items in their home). Bravo Christina! Her husband was SUCH a helper. He took on the role of "daddy" like a pro. He stepped right up to the plate while Christina was still in the process of healing. Baby Lila is very lucky to have parents like y'all! Enjoy the pics and congrats again! 🙂

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