{Newborn} Meet Lily & Olivia | Twins in Marvin, NC

{Newborn} Meet Lily & Olivia | Twins in Marvin, NC

Jul 13 20157 Comments

Sheana and Chris invited me into their gorgeous home to capture their brand new baby girls. TWINS! Sheana is one awesome mom.. she carried her babies all the way to 38 weeks AND they both weighed over 5lbs at birth! She rocks! They were healthy, beautiful and completely adored by their parents. They already have distinct personalities. Olivia slept basically the ENTIRE time and Lily, on the other hand, had her own agenda. Lily would stare at the camera and wanted to know what was going on at all times. Olivia just let us do whatever to her and even gave us a couple smiles. They could have been in reference to her daddy's jokes ha. I love that they will get to do life together. They will always have a best friend. They are surrounded by love and that whole family is just a picture of beauty. Congrats again on these little dolls!

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