{Newborn} Meet Mila Harper | 5 days Old

{Newborn} Meet Mila Harper | 5 days Old

Sep 24 201512 Comments

We have a new babe in the neighborhood and her name is Mila. Her cheeks are squishy and her eyes were sleepy. She was such a great baby for our session. She has a big brother, too. Reading to Mila is Paxton's favorite new "big brother" task. He probably could have read books to her the whole session. But we had to wrap at some point because he had a bike ride to get to. Heather and Dustin are really involved at our church, but their position as parents trumps it all. They love the Lord and are dedicated to raising their children to know Christ. Dustin also was the master decorator in the nursery, painting pink and white stripes, and picking out accessories. Heather was super crafty in making the sign above her bed and Paxton helped paint the letters. Team effort for baby Mila.. right from the beginning … and always. I love the Curran team. Congrats on your precious baby girl!

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