{Us} The Cardwell Fam | Isla’s 6 months

{Us} The Cardwell Fam | Isla’s 6 months

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Meet the Cardwells. Lauren is one of my best friends and we have girls the exact same ages. Ansley is 3 and Isla is 6 months. She is wife to Mike and beyond gorgeous. She loves the Lord and is one of the most humble people I know. It was so hard to get her shy self in front of my lens but we made it! Cute outfits and all! She is also a photographer and the one who photographed Maclaren's 6 month sesh. This is called "golden hour." The magical time just before the sun goes down to get dreamy backlit photos. I always suggest doing shoots at this time (on sunny days) if possible! It's the best! Sit back, relax and get ready to scroll through some gorgeous light and gorgeous models (there are lots!) Feel free to comment 🙂 IMG_2833lg_WEB IMG_2826lg_WEB IMG_2850lg_WEB IMG_2852lg_WEB IMG_2866lg_WEB IMG_2870lg_WEB IMG_2884lg_WEB IMG_2886lg_WEB IMG_2892lg_WEB IMG_2920lg_WEB IMG_2931lg_WEB IMG_2893lg_WEB IMG_2904lg_WEB IMG_2942lg_WEB IMG_2949lg_WEB IMG_2952lg_WEB IMG_2950lg_WEB IMG_2962lg_WEB IMG_2966lg_WEB IMG_2968lg_WEB IMG_2974lg_WEB IMG_2986lg_WEB IMG_2993lg_WEB IMG_3013lg_WEB IMG_3011lg_WEB IMG_2999lg_WEB IMG_3052lg_WEB IMG_3042lg_WEB IMG_3043lg_WEB IMG_3046lg_WEB IMG_3056lg_WEB IMG_3058lg_WEB IMG_3073lg_WEB IMG_3070lg_WEB IMG_3078lg_WEB IMG_3086_WEB IMG_3088lg_WEB IMG_3096lgbw_WEB IMG_3101lgbw_WEB IMG_3106lgbw_WEB IMG_3112lg_WEB IMG_3117lg_WEB IMG_3118lg_WEB IMG_3114lg_WEB IMG_3135lg_WEB IMG_3143lg_WEB IMG_3144lg_WEB IMG_3140lg_WEB IMG_3145lg_WEB IMG_3148lg_WEB IMG_3161lg_WEB IMG_3168lg_WEB IMG_3173lg_WEB IMG_3180lg_WEB IMG_3184lg_WEB IMG_3203lg_WEB IMG_3213lg_WEB IMG_3223lg_WEB IMG_3238lg_WEB IMG_3252lg_WEB IMG_3262lg_WEB IMG_3263lg_WEB IMG_3314 copy_WEB IMG_3282lg_WEB IMG_3294lg_WEB IMG_3296lg_WEB IMG_3305lg_WEB IMG_3316lg_WEB IMG_3337 copy_WEB IMG_3320lg_WEB IMG_3358lg_WEB IMG_3385lg_WEB IMG_3382lg_WEB IMG_3398lgbw_WEB IMG_3401lgbw_WEB IMG_3424lg_WEB IMG_3406lg_WEB IMG_3437lg_WEB IMG_3457lg_WEB IMG_3445lg_WEB IMG_3465lg_WEB IMG_3476lg_WEB IMG_3490lg_WEB IMG_3485lg_WEB IMG_3472lg_WEB IMG_3515lg_WEB IMG_3549lg_WEB IMG_3535lg_WEB IMG_3557lg_WEB IMG_3543lg_WEB IMG_3574lgbw_WEB IMG_3567lgbw_WEB

Isla's Dress- Zulily | Mocc's from Little Tonto | Knit Cat Doll from Blablakids | Headband- A little Lady Shop