{Munchkins} The Muellers | Meet Claire

{Munchkins} The Muellers | Meet Claire

Mar 25 201421 Comments

Baby Claire was born to Sarah and Jon on February 22nd. She weighed 9.3lbs and was 20.5" long. And she is an absolute doll! She was a little passed the point of "newborn" photos, but she was such a good girl that she allowed me to get some individual shots of her swaddled and in baskets. The weather was absolutely amazing and I definitely took the opportunity to take this family of 3, I mean 5, outside. Their doggies (Fancy and Stella) just HAD to be in the photos- I think they were actually TRYING to be haha.

Their house was immaculate and Sarah is quite the decorator! She even had her own CRAFT ROOM! I mean, I die. And the nursery was no different. In pink, grey, and cream, this vintage girly nursery was absolutely Perfect for Miss "claire bear."

I love this session! Hope you do too! Enjoy!

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