{US} The Porter’s | Gender Reveal and Family Pics

{US} The Porter’s | Gender Reveal and Family Pics

Sep 23 20135 Comments

We met up at Frank Liske Park in Concord for some family photos of the Porter's! I photographed little Miss Faith's newborn session and 6month session and now her momma is pregnant with baby number 2! They wanted to have some pics to reveal to friends so they set up a box with balloons of the gender to reveal that she was having a....

IMG_9353_jp_WEB IMG_9360_jp_WEB IMG_9363_jp1_WEB IMG_9359_jp_WEB IMG_9384_jp1_WEB IMG_9388_jp2_WEB IMG_9408_jp2_WEB IMG_9414_jp2_WEB

IMG_9422_jp2_WEB IMG_9435_jp2_WEB IMG_9439_jp2_WEB IMG_9455_jp2_WEB IMG_9475_jp2_WEB IMG_9447_jp2_jp2_WEB IMG_9445_jp2_jp2_WEB IMG_9458_jp2_jp2_WEB IMG_9473_jp2_jp2_WEB IMG_9524_jp1_jp1_WEB IMG_9617_jp1_jp1_WEB IMG_9541_jp1_WEB IMG_9585_jp1_WEB IMG_9604_jp1_WEB

BOY! Congrats Porters! I cannot wait to meet him!!


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