{Us} The Wilsons | With #2 on the way!

{Us} The Wilsons | With #2 on the way!

Nov 04 2014Comments Off on {Us} The Wilsons | With #2 on the way!

Miss Harper is now 3 and her mommy is expecting baby #2! Her daddy found this great location up a birkdale and I was so thrilled! I love when clients introduce me to new spots-- especially when I don't live around that area. Daneen looks gorgeous and is due Nov 10th! I'm so thankful she put up with me when I had her getting up and down and laying on the ground. Ha!

Photo sessions are SO much more than just holding up a camera and pressing a button-- sometimes it involves climbing, chasing, and playing hide-and-seek. Whatever it takes to make things fun is what i'll offer. By the end of the night miss Harper was yelling "Miss Brittany! I love you!" as I was driving away. That makes my job SO worth it. Not only do I love when clients are happy with their photos, but the whole process of GETTING those shots, too. Thanks Wilson fam! I can't wait to see your sweet baby girl or boy!!

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