{Valentines Minis} The Bakers

{Valentines Minis} The Bakers

Feb 06 20142 Comments

I was planning on waiting until the week of Valentine's to start posting valentines sessions, but I couldn't help myself! I can't wait to share them! This is The Bakers… I have photographed Brody since he was born. I love watching him grow! All of our 2 year olds are getting quite a personality! Brody was excited about his crown and arrow and a leaf he caught haha. I love capturing the mom and dad of the family when I do sessions too, because that was the beginning. That is the start of families and it is hard to find some opportunities to capture that- you and your honey whispering things to make you giggle and smile. I love love. And no better time to celebrate that than Valentines Day!

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