{Us} Dawna & Jayda  | Mother & Daughter

{Us} Dawna & Jayda | Mother & Daughter

Nov 30 201521 Comments

Dawna and her daughter Jayda needed some new family photos. I was so excited when they asked me to take some on-location during the fall season. The lighting was perfect and there were so many great spots within just a few steps. To me, you can look at Dawna and know that she is not only beautiful, but strong and determined. She works hard and takes care of Jayda. She is Jayda's biggest fan. Jayda plays volley ball and probably should be a model. So many moments I'd capture and then think that I could see bits of Jayda as a baby and a girl. I'd teared up thinking how fast that time goes. I'm so glad I got to capture the "now" that makes up this family and the bond that they have!

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