{Us} The Davis Family | Lincolnton, NC

{Us} The Davis Family | Lincolnton, NC

Nov 04 201516 Comments

I look at these photos and I think about how they will cherish these photos for years and years to come. I picture pulling these black and white ones out of an old photo box one day and reminisce on fun times with my parents and grandparents and kids. These are the moments I want to capture. The ones of y'all smiling at each other, playing together, loving on each other. I mean, a couple of these daddy-daughter shots bring me back to some photos my mom took of me and my dad and they are my favorite. Thank you guys for letting me capture your fam and have a blast at the same time 🙂

IMG_9114_WEB IMG_9077_WEB IMG_9062_WEB IMG_9092bw_WEB IMG_9122bw_WEB IMG_9187_WEB IMG_9202_WEB IMG_9204_WEB IMG_9213_WEB IMG_9083_WEB IMG_9149bw_WEB IMG_9176bw_WEB IMG_9211bw_WEB IMG_9236_WEB IMG_9290_WEB IMG_9292_WEB IMG_9152_WEB IMG_9171_WEB IMG_9279_WEB IMG_9225bw_WEB IMG_9334bw_WEB IMG_9333bw_WEB IMG_9328_WEB IMG_9345_WEB IMG_9316_WEB IMG_9365_WEB IMG_9389_WEB IMG_9379_WEB IMG_9351bw_WEB IMG_9418bw_WEB IMG_9438bw_WEB IMG_9464bw_WEB IMG_9515bw_WEB IMG_9396bw_WEB IMG_9510bw_WEB IMG_9414bw_WEB IMG_9494_WEB*If this post receives 15 comments or more, they will receive a FREE 8x10!