{Us} The Stewarts | UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens

{Us} The Stewarts | UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens

Jun 29 20151 Comment

The Stewarts were packing up their family from Charlotte, NC to move to Tennessee. We met up at UNC Charlotte botanical gardens for some last family photos in this city they called home for years. It was super hot and the children were ready to explore. These little adventurers wanted to check out everything. I think that letting kids be kids is part of the beauty of capturing this season in their lives. I love getting the natural smiles and giggles, the cuddles, the picture of "fun", the picture of the "present," the picture of family. This is what it means. It means getting sweaty in the middle of the garden while chasing kids that are chasing independence. It means that in the middle of it all, there are times for hugs and eskimo kisses and peace. There is a season for all things. Thank you Stewart family for letting me celebrate THIS season with you!

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