{Maternity} Adam + Connie + Bump

{Maternity} Adam + Connie + Bump

Jan 02 20163 Comments

Happy New Year! Let's celebrate with the FIRST blog post of the new year! Get ready to swoon! If anyone makes being pregnant look good, it's Connie. This GORGEOUS couple made my job so easy just being utterly adorable. There is nothing quite like the first time your wife is pregnant. There are so many changes, mood swings, exciting appointments, and not so exciting ones. There is a journey that a husband and wife get to go on together… a journey that creates a new life. The smiles and hugs and seriousness and somberness in this shoot reflects each and every bit of pregnancy. If I was going to start this year off with a bang, this is it. I love each and every one of these- sorry not sorry about posting too many.

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