{Maternity} Alexa | Indian Trail, NC

{Maternity} Alexa | Indian Trail, NC

Jul 23 2016Comments Off on {Maternity} Alexa | Indian Trail, NC

Molly North, owner of B3 Concierge (officially launching soon), set up this session for Alexa and her husband. Molly takes the chaos out of trying to find the best of the best for your baby bearing experience(s). She takes care of everything from bump to after birth.

With this summer weather, we coordinated to do half indoor and half outdoor, and I think they turned out amazing. Alexa is gorgeous and she had the perfect dress from H&M to show off her bump. They are expecting a little girl in August. We started out indoor and then the dark clouds rolled in. We thought sweating would be the downside of our outdoor session, but didn't even think about storms in the forecast. Mike was looking at the radar as we drove straight into the storm, and while it didn't look too promising, we waited it out and the rain cleared. In life, the storm comes, but the sun will shine again. Congrats Alexa and Mike!

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