{Us} Meet the Jenkins | NoDa Family sesh

{Us} Meet the Jenkins | NoDa Family sesh

Jun 25 2013Comments Off on {Us} Meet the Jenkins | NoDa Family sesh

Meet the Jenkins! Ashley and Adam have two adorable little boys with the sweetest names- Adler and Finn. How precious are they?! We met in NoDa down at my fave coffee spot- Smelly Cat and walked around getting different shots and just exploring the little area. I love taking family shots here because I can get a lot of different backgrounds within a short amount of space and walking distance. The boys were entertained by exploring new places, seeing the train, and of course our little sneaky incentive= CANDY. While standing out front of the cute firehouse the garage started to open! We all jumped- especially Adler because he was leaning against it- ha! The fireman let them explore the truck while we took a few shots- wasn't that super nice?! and PERFECT for two little boys!

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