{Munchkins} Eva Elizabeth | 4 Days New

Lauren and Matt welcomed their first baby girl, Eva Elizabeth into this world on July 2, 2014… 3 days shy of her actual due date. She was a bundle of sweetness that truly has mommy and daddy (and grandparents) wrapped around her little finger. Her room and bathroom were decked out in baby Eva's monogram and completely girly with green and pink accents. I loved the little bunny mobile. Check out sweet baby Eva, her nursery, and mommy's gorgeous push present below :). Congrats you guys!

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19 Responses

  1. These are amazing Brittany!! Thank you SO much! I LOVE them!!!
  2. Lauren
    What an amazing job you do- we couldn't be happier with the pictures you took- especially given how difficult she was :) Thank you so much!!
  3. Cameron Savage Ammann
    These are amazing! Lauren Solomon yall look so beautiful. She is perfect!
  4. Tiffany
    She is so precious!!! Love you all!!
  5. Rena' Cole Lambert
    These are wonderful, thanks for sharing.
  6. Jenny James Puckett
    BEAUTIFUL!!!! These pictures are just perfect.
  7. Diane Gilbert
    These are perfect. I think it is because all the subjects are so attractive love di
  8. Lauren Rieger
    Lauren these are perfect! What a baby doll she is and Matt was so thoughtful with the push present :)
  9. Sally Birchfield Woods
    So sweet!!!
  10. Melanie McKelvey
    How would you even begin to choose your favorite?? The one with her eyes wide open looking straight at the camera simple takes your breath away. Perfection!
  11. Michelle Murchison
    So beautiful - these are amazing!!!
  12. jan puckett
    I'm a little partial to the very last one!!
  13. Eva is a beautiful girl! We're so happy to have her in our family!
  14. Jodi Gorman
    Eva is a beautiful girl! We're so happy to have her in our family!
  15. You will treasure these memories forever! In just a few weeks, she'll be so different than she was this day, and you'll be so glad you made time for a professional photo shoot. Money well spent!
  16. Oh, and I must say Teddy's expression is hilarious! He was having no more of this portrait nonsense!
  17. Gido
    Good job Brittany. The star of these photos is flawless and captivating. I can't stop staring at her. Great job Brittany and Eva Elizabeth. Matt and Lauren you did well also in your supporting roles.
  18. Karen Marchant Cooper
    Precious pictures - congratulations to all!
  19. Sitosolomon
    I loved every picture in the group...looked at them over & over! How blessed we are to have our precious Eva Elizabeth join our family! The ultimate gift! You all look so great in all of the pictures. I wish T. J. could have been included in just one shot. He is so excited & overjoyed, with good reason of course. So are all of us! Love you three, always.