{My Life} 22 weeks

{My Life} 22 weeks

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22 weeks

Size: Spaghetti Squash; 8in, 1lb

Bring on the belly butter! This tummy is growing and there is nothing better at the end of the day or after a shower than mama mio belly butter! I'm feeling so much baby movement and it reminds me I'm never alone. We are getting the nursery cleared out of guest room stuff (like queen bed) and moving our what-nots to another space. Hubs took over the closet so we are in the process of finding more clothes storage since I have taken up both of our small bedroom closets 😉

Kinsley always refers to "sissy's" room when we come upstairs. I've ordered a couple things though I'm trying to do things as a process rather than spending a bunch of money right away. I forget how many "Essentials" we'll need to buy duplicates of- burp cloths, changing pag, diaper genie, newborn diaps, and more! whoa! Here is some of our progress while still trying to keep the whole room a surprise 🙂

We still don't have a name set for baby sister. We have narrowed them down to some of our faves but haven't committed yet. We will not be ones to keep it until the birth.. I just get too excited about everything baby so there is NO WAY I could hold that secret.




Fabric: Etsy- Hartstringz

Bumper: Restoration Hardware

Mouse outfits: Southern Tot

Belly Butter: Mama Mio

Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project

Other cute faves:


Etsy and spoonflower wall paper