{My Life} 28 weeks & we have a Name!

{My Life} 28 weeks & we have a Name!

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28 weeks

Head of Cauliflower

16in, 2.5 lbs


Likes: We have a Name! Hubs officially settled on a first AND middle name! I'm just happy to get to know her a little bit better. I am fitting into pants ( maternity, but a couple weeks ago there was no going on- I bought them 25lbs ago).. thank you gym.

Dislikes: the end of the day I feel like there's a bowling ball in there, stress of going back to school and getting lesson plans done





....MACLAREN ("Claire" for short) ROSE PORTER...IMG_6590_WEB IMG_6596_WEB IMG_6620_WEB IMG_6643_WEB IMG_6606_WEB

Kinsley's pretty happy too 🙂

Once it's monogrammed, it's official!

Thank you aunt donna for monogramming some things last minute to share the news!! I love these!


Other names we liked were Charlie and Eloise for first names and Towne, Grey, Blake and James for middle names. I had a TON on an i-phone note I've been saving (and will continue to save and add to in case theres a third down the line haha).


Here is what I was like at 28 weeks pregnant with Kinsley!