{My Life} 30 weeks

{My Life} 30 weeks

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30 Weeks

3.2lbs, 18in

Head of Lettuce


Finding time for the hubs to take a few shots is easier said than done! Ok, ok... not so much him being busy but this bump gets serious after 4pm. I wish my day ended then and I couldcrawl in bed. I have so much energyand I can get a lot done in the morning, but that afternoon rolls in and I. Am. Beat.

30 weeks pregnant


I failed my first glucose test- which is a test that requires drinking a nasty drink within 5 minutes, waiting an hour, then having your blood taken and checked for how it processes sugar. They want to rule out gestational diabetes. I thought THAT was bad until I had to go back in for another test. This time it was 3 hours, no food or drink that day, a stronger drink, and 4 times of taking blood. YIKES! I felt horrible. I almost passed out in the Dr. office waiting the first hour out. This girl eats as SOON as she wakes up after eating an early dinner plus I normally have had a cup of coffee, bottle of water and a workout by this time. Praise the Lord I passed! They called and said I wasn't even close and I was clear to eat whatever I wanted- HALLEIGHLUJAH!

Note to not eat fudge the night before a glucose test.

We are starting Dr. visits every 2 weeks. I feel like I'm so close but yet so far.

Likes: coffee, mama mio tummy rub, new hair do, morning workouts, flowy shirts, and window shopping

Dislikes: after 4pm, have to double up iron supplements, getting from laying down to standing up is requiring a roll, painting toe nails and putting on shoes might be a task for someone else


pants- Gap maternity, shirt- ROMWE.com (takes forever to get here but cheap and can't beat the one size fits all when your preggers), new hair do by Ava at Planet21The Fountains

IMG_7669_WEBHubs was snapping pics and Kins said my turn and immediately put her hands on her belly just like mommy. She thinks baby sister is in her tummy, too.


Isn't she adorable?? #ignore the smoothie drip