{My Life} 32 Weeks

{My Life} 32 Weeks

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32 Weeks

Size of a Honeydew

4.5 lbs, 19in

After church on sunday, I dragged my fam to the park for some selfies... I'm glad you can't feel the heat or hear the complaining through these photos haha. Thanks self-timer! And thanks hubs for being so cooperative and carrying my ladder in your suit 🙂IMG_9098_WEBIMG_9095_WEB


When I got to 32 weeks last thursday, hubs said "only 2 more months!" I rolled my eyes and said, "can we just say that I'm due next month... that sounds a lot better." ha. 32 weeks feels like 36.

Some sweet friends of mine threw me and Maclaren a baby shower at Amelies on Saturday. It was so fun seeing my friends and fam and opening sweet little girl things! I totally forgot to take some pics, but Gray's Mawmaw took some I know she'll be sending my way :).

We celebrated our 3 year anniversary in Asheville, NC. The weather was awesome-- so was the food. Gray got me an hour long prenatal massage at the Edamame Spa and gigi's cupcakes! I'll be enjoying that this week! And my mom treated me to a pedicure and that felt amazing as well! THIS is the time for pampering for sure!

I finally narrowed down some things for the nursery-- bedding, wall accent, etc. and we purchased the crib , wall stencil, pillow, and crib sheet. I can't wait for it all to come in so we can set it up and figure out placement for it all. I can't wait to get things up on the walls, too-- just look at these adorable signs my mom bought off my etsy faves! Now some projects include stenciling, buying/hanging shelves, putting the crib together, washing baby clothes, buying fabric and making a bumper, and hanging/arranging art work and such. I hope she doesn't come early! I have A LOT to do before then! I'll post pics of the progress (once it starts ha!)

Likes: a little more energy (as long as I eat somewhat healthy and exercise), naps with Kins, fries, nursery progress

Dislikes: feeling heavy, the heat, that I'm 8 months preg and still have 2 months to go yet they say it's 9 months?11902253_Alt01_WEB