{My Life} 34 weeks & Nursery Progress!

{My Life} 34 weeks & Nursery Progress!

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34 weeks

Size of a Pineapple

5lbs, 19in

We used our 3rd bedroom as a dumping grounds for all our extra stuff. Hubs came from an ultra modern bachelor pad and I had an independent woman bachelorette pad before we got married and merging our differing styles has always been a challenge. My style changes constantly (thank you pinterest) and it's hard to agree and then actually move forward on decisions. With a baby coming, and it being a GIRL that meant we now had a time-frame to get things done and I took it upon myself to define the girly direction to go in 😉

Before and After (so far)


Nursery Progress:IMG_4170_WEB IMG_4375_WEB IMG_4791_WEB IMG_4804_WEB IMG_4819_WEB IMG_4829_WEB IMG_4832_WEB


I'm so thankful for all the help! My mom spent 2 days stenciling the pho-wallpaper and my dad put the crib together and hung the shelves. (Hubs was out of town for two weeks of work training) Hubs hung the curtain when he got back in and next on the honey-do list is hanging my mobiles. Then I have wall-decor to put up and shelves to fill. A changing pad cover, bobby cover, and crib sheet is on the way!


34 week i-phone pics:IMG_4822_WEB

Likes: Nursery progress, naps, cooler weather, Dr. said this baby will probably be a 6 pounder like our first (phew!), all of the help!

Dislikes: putting on real clothes (i'd rather stay in jammies), this ever growing bump that is heavy and makes me have to potty (can i please take it off for a sec??), the regular routine gets harder and harder with the hubs traveling, me working and taking care of a toddler while growing bigger and bigger