{My Life} 35 weeks

{My Life} 35 weeks

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35 weeks

size of a large cantaloupe

19-22in, 6lbs

IMG_9994_WEB IMG_0016_WEB IMG_0021_WEB IMG_9989_WEB

Maternity clothes?    yes- typical go to outfit- my black legging jeans from Gap, Maternity tank from gap,and a sweater... or gym clothes or jammies when I'm home or want to be comfy

Stretch marks? slightly on my hips, but i think you see them when you start shrinking back down more -- last time I only got some behind my knees?! and a couple on my forearms WEIRD

Sleep? I have a little insomnia thinking about all the things I need to do. Getting up 2-3 times a night to pee doesn't help. I have started taking naps with kins.  The house doesn't REALLY need cleaning right?!

Movement? Yes! I feel like she has no room. I can see the bed shake sometimes when she makes a punch or kick that shakes my body. Can other people see this?? ha

Food cravings? None really... I have some desires to eat french fries and a cinnabon but who doesn't?

Gender? hopefully still a girl 🙂

Labor Signs? I have braxton hicks more than with Kins. Especially when I exercise, walk, and late afternoon.

Belly Button in or out? Out... Luckily some of these tops hold it in. I don't care enough to invest in the tape to hold it in haha.

What I miss? Feeling skinny. I love when I used to see results from eating well or working out... now no matter what I still feel heavy and gain weight.

What I am looking forward to?  Seeing what she looks like (hair color, eye color, etc); the nursery being completed; the pink deer head I ordered coming in; Seeing Kinsley's reaction to our own baby (she LOVES babies)

Best moment this week? Getting compliments on my hair and for being "tiny"... people really know how to make you feel good whether you believe it or not it's still good to hear

Milestones? I am almost through the heat of the summer! Nursery stencil done, shelves put up, and Starting weekly exams next week!

Other Notes: That line that some women get has faintly appearing the whole way down my stomach

Mawmaw's baby shower pics:

babyshower1 babyshower2 babyshower4 babyshower6 babyshower5