{My Life} For the Love | Week 1

{My Life} For the Love | Week 1

Oct 07 2015Comments Off on {My Life} For the Love | Week 1

My small group started reading the book by Jen Hatmaker, For the Love this week. We are going to read about 4 chapters each week and discuss how this encourages us in our calling as a mom. Feel free to pick up the book and read along with us. I'll post a bit of our discussions weekly. Maybe some mamas need to feel connected, and this can be a platform to help encourage you and make you feel you're not alone.

This week we talked about the invented standard of "being all of that." We look at social media and television and pinterest and see the best decorated homes, the best dressed women, the homemaker, the baker, the blogger, the photographer, the hands on mom, etc and we want to push ourself to be all of that. The reality is, is NO ONE has it altogether. The ones that have a lot on their load have help. Lighten your load, ask for help, or give up the idea of perfection.

We also talked about what our current season requires of us. If you are a mama to a young one, your schedule may be different than a single woman or a mom of older children. Jen Hatmaker talks about keeping the things that give us life, and cutting out the things that drain us. She also mentions being able to say "no." In a polite way. I wish I could copy and paste her verbiage to everything I'd like to say no to.

Last we talked about our gifts. Our gifts can be used in EVERY season. They don't even have to be time or money. We have the gift of encouragement or being a prayer warrior.. it's so simple yet we don't prioritize using our gifts.

This week we are going to make it a priority to use our gifts. Join us for week 2, virtually, and read along. Next week we will discuss chapters 5-8.