{My Life} Grammy’s Birthday

{My Life} Grammy’s Birthday

Aug 03 20143 Comments

On our way up to Virginia Beach, we stopped in Raleigh to visit fam. The next week (today) was my Grammy's 75th birthday so we surprised her with a mini party. My creative Aunt Lauri, themed the party "here's looking at you" with a cake and oversized glasses to match. Grammy loved us so much that she put on the ginormous glasses to blow out her cake AND be photographed while doing it ha! Thanks Grams! She is forever in my mind for her homemade "milkshakes", mud pies, puppet shoes, and sega competitions at her house. She would rock my babies all day and sing songs to my Lord. I love this Grammy so much and I'm so thankful we got to spend some time with her! Happy Birthday Grammy!

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