{My Life} Merry Christmas | Family Photos

{My Life} Merry Christmas | Family Photos

Dec 24 2014Comments Off on {My Life} Merry Christmas | Family Photos

Kinsley is 3 1/2 and all about Frozen. She is all girl and loves to dress up like mommy, sneak and put on real makeup, wear dressy costumes and put together puzzles. She loves to sing and dance and twirl. She has asked for various things for christmas that change daily depending on what she's seen/watched/heard that day. Sometimes she wants a teddy bear, sometimes the whole frozen gang, sometimes a lala loops doll that poops charms-- yes, you did read that correctly, and yes, some weird person thought of that.

Maclaren is 13 months and loves baby dolls. She's super independent (except when she thinks her mommy is leaving or someone else is taking her). She loves dolls that look real and if they make noises or take pacis that's a bonus. She didn't really request anything specific, but I hope she likes what she got and doesn't want to take all of Kinsley's. haha.

We are heading to Christmas eve service at our church, Elevation, and hope to make it a new tradition. We are so excited to remember the reason for the season! There are services all day at 9 locations. It will be awesome!

Here are some photos we used for our Christmas card this year… and some outtakes…  Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!

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